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Green mechanical technology innovation of small and medium face three major problems
Published:admin  Date:2011-6-22 8:13:07  Click:2053

According to media reports, with the National Bank to the commercial banking system conversion, bank loans to SMEs gradually compressed, and because the mechanism of institutional reasons, most of the other small and medium enterprises lack of environmental protection machinery financing, small and medium enterprises lack of funds for environmental protection machinery very prominent. Although the state has stepped up environmental protection efforts, and to limit the polluting enterprises compliance schedule for the environmental protection machinery to provide a broad market, but due to financial implications, some of the pressure on polluting enterprises have been forced to turn to environmentally friendly machinery enterprises. This makes the transfer of funds environmental investment environmental protection machinery in the recycling business loan difficulties, various efforts to win a point out of credit funds and the internal potential of its own funds most used in the open market and to ensure the production and management, enterprises of all work centers revolves around the production and operation to operation, there is no power to allocate funds for technical innovation, business transformation complete stop at the verbal level. Some small environmental protection machinery companies who have declared a few years ago a large number of transformation projects, some projects have been listed as provincial and municipal key projects and special national and advantages of the project, but unfortunately there were no funds can not be implemented, not scheduled to play its benefits, some technical renovation project has become a "thing of the past."

Followed by the talent. China's small and medium enterprises through the decades of environmental protection machinery to cultivate the development of a large number of people, these people become the backbone to promote technological innovation. The past two years by the disorderly competition in the market environment and corporate financial constraints and other factors influence the majority of small businesses run more difficult mechanical ring, companies failed to properly attach importance to personnel training and the introduction of such work, some enterprises have been interrupted and lean people conditions, some technical staff have been unable to adapt to technological developments and innovation needs.

In addition, small and medium enterprises by the size of environmental protection machinery, financial and environmental impact of the objective, is more difficult to attract talent, even if the recruit is also due to the lack of supporting personnel incentives, can not mobilize their enthusiasm, ultimately "Motherhood." Driven by profit, part of the business and technical personnel or quit or change jobs, a serious loss of business and technical personnel, resulting in the overall quality of the technology business declined, and some are not even an engineer, college students and secondary school students is minimal, so talk about innovation and personnel situation.

The third is information. China's environmental protection industry started late, small and medium sized enterprises existing environmental protection machinery products are mostly "exotic", these products through research and design institutes and enterprises in the introduction, digestion, absorption, it should be said for a long time for China's pollution control legislation under a contribution. However, with increasing environmental requirements, these products no longer meet the pollution control requirements, must be innovative.

Currently, many foreign products because of greater efforts to develop high-tech products has been in development in new technology, the use of new materials has made great progress on some environmental protection machinery is not only lower cost, and easy to operate, use effect good, especially in complete sets of equipment, electronic technology with the development of science and technology, environmental protection equipment to make the grade to meet the environmental requirements and user requirements. And many of our small and medium enterprises are the environmental protection machinery, "frog", and believe that the hands of the products still have a certain, no sense of urgency. Some companies simply do not have to master in today's information industry development, has been overtaken by the situation, the product began to fall behind. Many companies participate in international and domestic trade and technological exchanges with very little activity, not some corporate leaders attended an industry conference, let alone going abroad, and thus can not have more product and technical information to understand the industry level of development. China's small and medium enterprises due to lack of information, environmental protection machinery, has been overtaken by the development trend of products, to a large extent restricted and hampered their technological innovation.

Technological innovation determines our small and medium enterprises in the future of environmental protection machinery survival and development, environmental protection machinery for small and medium enterprises in technological innovation must be done to solve these three problems, an enterprise will be difficult in the future international and domestic market competition foothold. Small and medium enterprises in technological innovation of environmental protection machinery work should focus on the following aspects.

1. To seek credit support and public financing. To support the technological innovation of SMEs, the state established a technology innovation fund, small and medium enterprises are state-supported environmental protection machinery object, the small and medium enterprises should actively seek environmentally friendly machinery. At the same time, the state will set up a second board market, the environmental protection industry is a priority to support the industry, small and medium enterprises should actively carry out environmental basic mechanical work, in order to gain public financing, technological innovation is the most effective way. Of course, companies can not completely rely on technological innovation in the financial sector and the stock market, the enterprises themselves also in the internal potential, more attention to technology innovation, everything possible to raise funds for technological innovation of enterprises, and improving the technological level, improve the technological content of products.

2. Efforts to improve the quality of technology. Technical talent is the mainstay of technological innovation, enterprises, to take financial and material resources to develop their existing talent, and their growth to create a good environment; the other hand, a good business to be planted, "Indus" luring "Phoenix", to There are plans to recruit a group of professionals from various colleges and technical personnel. In addition, the national research system should grasp the opportunity to attract more research talent into the business, to augment the enterprise's technological innovation ranks. Meanwhile, enterprises should establish a talent incentives to increase the distribution system reform, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of people working to promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.

3. Tracking the world level, the pace of innovation. At present, rapid technological innovation, especially in mechanical strength of foreign environmental protection enterprises, these enterprises are flexible mechanisms, technical innovation ability, environmental protection machinery of domestic small and medium enterprises must keep track of contemporary new information, accelerate innovation, scaling the heights. To a broad and strong foreign contacts with industry, collaborating to technical grafting, science and technology shares, joint ventures and asset restructuring, and stick to the path of combining production and research, and environmental research institutes to strengthen marriage, as fast enhance their technological innovation. In this regard, our environmental industries should also be a bridge between the business and the outside world and actively for business services. Technological innovation is the soul of an enterprise, enterprise development, and that only to keep up with technological innovation of enterprises, small and medium enterprise development, environmental protection machinery will have hope. In the current difficult times, small and medium enterprises of environmental protection machinery should attach great importance to technological innovation, must not be missing an opportunity, to be eliminated by ruthless competition in the market.

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